Number 1 whitewater rafting Tour in Costa Rica

The tropical rainforests, the pristine water and the unique world class rapids make it the best whitewater adventure in the country

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This is a classic question that many people ask us. While it is true in Costa Rica there are many rivers for whitewater rafting, due to the dramatic geography and very irregular topography, the Pacuare is still the best river for rafting, both in inflatable raft and kayak. Its abundant flow of water, present throughout the year with increases during the rainy season and its incredible variety of whitewater rapids make it undoubtedly the best river in the country. In the different sections of the river that are traversed commercially, without even counting the rapids of the Upper Pacuare, you can find a countless number of rapids, different both in level and in type. There are rapids that go from level 2 to level 4 rapids, which can be traversed without previous experience. In addition to the quality and quantity of Pacuare whitewater rapids, another factor that makes it unique is its surroundings. 98% of the river canyon is surrounded by tropical rainforests, which are the most bio - diverse in the country and are part of the most extensive tropical jungle area in Costa Rica.

The landscape ends up charming the tourists when during the tour they can see numerous vertical cliffs as well as waterfalls and streams that fall into the river. To finish, as if it had been planned by nature strategically, you will encounter Dos MontaƱas ( Two Mountains ) a section located more or less in the middle of the complete Full Day Tour. In this section, two vertical walls force the river to go through a very narrow canyon, which makes the river to become slow and deep. At this point of the river it is where customers usually take a break, or even jump off the raft and swim parallel to the raft until the next section of whitewater rapids begins again.

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Where is the Lodge located ?

The Pacuare River Lodge is located on the banks of the Pacuare River, surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical rainforests