Pacuare River experience required

While it is an adventurous experience, it is also available for everybody


How good and fit do you need to be ?

The Pacuare River Lodge offers a whitewater rafting experience to all clients, and previous experience is not necessary. While it is true that it has quite exciting and strong rapids, the level of the river is suitable for people who have never been in an inflatable raft.The hotel guides have enough proven experience to be able to not only command the river section safely, but they have also the quality to perceive the weaknesses and strengths of all participants in the tour. Due to this, the guide, during the training prior to the departure of the tour, assigns each space in the raft according to those weaknesses and strengths.

Other characteristics that the guide takes into account during the tour is obviously the weight and physical strength of each person, and assigns each position in the raft according to those characteristics.The commands that must be followed during the tour are extremely easy and designed in such a way that even a language barrier does not impede the learning and interpretation of such commands. Remember, the tourists and the guide make up a team that will act in a very coordinated way to direct the raft. Finally, since each participant has a life jacket and helmet, it is not even required to know how to swim.

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Where is the Lodge located ?

The Pacuare River Lodge is located on the banks of the Pacuare River, surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical rainforests