Whitewater Rafting Tours in Manuel Antonio

If you are visiting the Central Pacific Coast, Manuel Antonio or Jaco, les us help book a Whitewater Rafting tour in the area.

Rafting Manuel Antonio


  1. Naranjo
  2. Savegre
  3. El Chorro
Manuel Antonio Whitewater

Savegre River Class II – III

Enjoy an authentic tropical rafting adventure for the whole family (from 5 years) in Costa Rica’s popular Manuel Antonio national park! Enjoy relaxation and just a touch of whitewater action on one of the cleanest rivers in Central America. The free-flowing Savegre River has Class II-III rapids, suitable for a gentle ride with some exciting rapids for some nerve kinkel. This half-day tour shows you the beauty of Costa Rica from the best viewpoint – right on the water!

Tour Description Savegre River Tour

Your adventure begins with an early ride south of Quepos in our air-conditioned minibus. We drive 1 1/2 hours through African palm plantations, teak reforestation projects and incredible landscapes on the way to the Savegre River. After a safety orientation and paddle teaching you start to maneuver current bumps like Boca Diablo and Washing Machine. You will stop on the banks of the river for a refreshing snack of fresh fruits and biscuits before continuing the voyage on the river. Near the end you will experience an exciting fast called Screaming Child before the river becomes quiet. They have a lot of time to relax, and to observe the lush flora and fauna along the river. A 5-minute drive takes you to Silencio Lodge, where you can get a hot meal. After lunch you have a 50-minute drive back to Quepos.

Naranjo River Class III – IV

Take your family (from 8 years of age) into the magic of whitewater rafting on one of Costa Rica’s most exciting rivers: the Naranjo River. This beautiful river is the natural southern limit of Manuel Antonio National Park and offers Class III-IV routes for an exciting ride. Just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio / Quepos, you will explore a section of the river stretching from the town of Villanueva in the mountains to the Llamarón Bridge on the road from Quepos to Dominical. Over a 6-mile stretch, you will enjoy the rapids such as La Piñata, El Cesar and Robin Hood. In front of the river, you will get a private tour of a local organic spice farm! This is a half-day tour ideal for everyone!

Tour Description Naranjo River Tour

Our journey begins at your hotel, where our minibus will pick you up and take you to the Naranjo River, first through the towns of Naranjito and Villanueva. Once there, we offer you a tour on an organic spice farm. Here we show our guests exotic helicopters, the importance of Pejibaye for pre-colonial natives, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon grass and allspice. Once along the river, the guides will tell you our safety talk, and then begin the descent and maneuvering the rapids of the mighty Naranjo River. The section that we go from Villanueva town in the mountains to the Llamarón bridge on the road from Quepos to Dominical. On these 10 kilometers you will enjoy the rapids like La Piñata, El Cesar and Robin Hood. They will stop halfway for a snack of fresh fruit, juice, water and biscuits. In the second half of the tour, the river opens on the Pacific plain, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the view and see many bird species such as the Kingfisher and the White Ibis. With a bit of luck you can also see a crocodile that lives on the river.

El Chorro River section (Naranjo) Class IV

For a non-stop, intense whitewater action, the Naranjo River El Chorro section is your tour. Even experienced paddlers and hardcore rafting enthusiasts will be thrilled by the Class IV rapids in a narrow, geologically fascinating canyon near the popular Manuel Antonio National Park. Between the runs you will witness unspoiled tropical forest, which provides various bird species such as the toucan, aracari toucans and various species of kingfishers. This unique yet challenging opportunity gives you a glimpse of Costa Rica’s magnificent nature and dominating rivers.

Tour description El Chorro River Tour

From the hills, just 45 minutes northeast of the Quepos Manuel Antonio area, one of the most challenging rafting races of Costa Rica begins on the Naranjo River. The El Chorro section goes from Bergdorf Esquipulas to the village of Villanueva. Our itinerary takes you deeply through the cleared foundation of the river, making this exciting El Chorro section of Rio Naranjo a true geology experience where you can see the geological youths of Costa Rica. This 3-mile section of the Labyrinth Canyon section delights the advanced paddler with steep and advanced runs through nine technical bottlenecks. Once you are in the river, you are compelled to squeeze through narrow gorges and wild rushes, maneuver through the narrow cliffs of the ravine and paddle massive boulders and bends. Within the 3-mile stretch, you will be able to tackle rapids such as the Dragon, El Chorro and Tres Chiflados. You will stop halfway through the tour for a snack of fruit, juice, cookies and water.

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