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Pacuare River Rafting is the undisputed crown jewel of all the Costa Rican Rivers. National Geographic called the Pacuare one of the top three rafting rivers in the world.  The Pacuare River Gorge is home to thousands of exotic creatures such as sloth, monkeys, toucans, and the elusive jaguar. This lush paradise is accentuated by literally dozens of spectacular waterfalls crashing down hundreds of feet into the blue-green waters of the Pacuare. The Pacuare is invariably the highlight of our client’s vacation in Costa Rica.

We will have to meet our customers at 8:00 a.m. at Finca Tres Equis in Turrialba.

Trip information
  1. Trip Length – One Day
  2. River Length – 19 Miles
  3. ime on the River –  3 to 4 hrs (time on the river depends on water levels)
  4. Experience Level – Beginner
  5. 10 to 15 minute safety talk and paddling instructions.
  6. Age Level – Contact us for info.
Itinerary: Day 1

Today you’ll wake early for a one-day white water rafting adventure on the Rio Pacuare for guest staying at the Lodge. For clients meeting us for our one day rafting trip we will meet you at Finca Tres Equis between Siquirres and Turrialba on hightway 10. At 8:00 a.m. SHARP. From here we will descend in to heart of the Pacuare Gorge to our private river front Lodge and river put-in.

On its way to the Caribbean the Pacuare plunges through some of Central America’s last untouched tropical rain forest. Once you arrive at the River, your Professional Bilingual Guides will fit you into our top of the line safety equipment. Then, Prior to launching, the guides will do a comprehensive Rafting Safety Talk. In between the class III and IV rapids you’ll gaze in wonder at the primordial forest and its wild inhabitants. A few miles in, we’ll pull over to do a short but spectacular hike to one of the Canyon’s most beautiful Waterfalls. The cool water in the pristine pool at the base of the falls is a perfect and refreshing break from the warm tropical jungle. Swim as long as you like or just relax and take in the incredible natural beauty around you. Then after a few more River miles, we’ll pull over for a gourmet river lunch prepared by your trusty guides. Then, it’s back to work, we’ve got some more big rapids to conquer to the take out!

  1. Professional Bilingual Guides
  2. All Professional Equipment
  3. Lunch on the River
  4. One day rafting on the Pacuare River
  5. Photos of your river trip (other companies charge extra for this)
  6. Other companies have a strict schedule to keep due to the large group sizes. Because we keep our trip sizes small we don’t have to rush our clients down the river. We figure many of our clients will only experience the Pacuare River once, why not make the most of it.
Suggested equipment
  1. Shoes – Athletic Sandal (Tevas or Chacos), tennis shoe or River Booties
  2. Swimsuit
  3. Synthetic, quick dry T-shirt (long sleeve is great for added sun protection)
  4. Waterproof Sunscreen (50 SPF or better)
  5. Insect Repellent
  6. Dry Clothes for the Take-out
  7. Croakies or straps to secure glasses
  8. Prescription medications needed during the tour


Meeting Point

All rates include all meals starting with lunch day one and ending with lunch on your check out day.

Logistics for getting to Pacuare River Lodge by LAND:

Meet us at our meeting point in Finca Tres Equis between Turrialba and Siquirres at 11:00 AM  SHARP.  If you need to check-in later, we can arrange a transfer to the Lodge for an additional charge of $40 in cash.  If you have a rental car we will store it for you in our secure location.  On your check-out day we will shuttle you back to your rental car.

Please DO NO TRY to drive the road going to the Lodge with your rental car.  The road is bad and we do not have parking space at the Lodge for vehicles. 

If you are arriving by public bus from either Turrialba or Siquirres or by private transfer just simply, tell the driver to stop at the meeting point at Finca Tres Equis.

For information about public transportation, please contact us.

Logistics for getting to Pacuare River Lodge by RAFT: 

Meet us at our meeting point in Finca Tres Equis between Turrialba and Siquirres at 10:00 AM  SHARP.  If you have a rental car we will store it for you in our secure location.  On your check-out day we will shuttle your car to the river take-out (for free)  or we can shuttle you back to your rental car for an additional cost.

Meeting point for all trips:   Finca Tres Equis ,Turrialba

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Learn more about why you should stay at Pacuare River Lodge. Not only do we offer the best river tours, but we are also a gateway for those looking forward to explore the amazing tropical wildlife and nature of the largest uninterrupted portion of tropical jungle in Costa Rica.

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