Pacuare rafting tour of 1 day, 2 days or 3 days?

You can book the 1 day tour, the overnight trip and also the classis 3 days and 2 nights rafting adventure

Overnight Pacuare River

A wide variety of tours

At the Pacuare River Lodge we offer the 1 day tour and the 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights overnight multiday rafting tour packages. The 2 overnight trips include not only two sections of river rafting, but also lodging in the heart of the jungle and all the meals. The Classic 3 days and 2 nights tour includes lodging, all meals and two days of rafting in different sections but additionally also offers a full day of leisure in the Lodge. During this day at leisure, you can book some activities on site or simply rest and enjoy the raw nature.

How to decide which tour to reserve

It obviously depends on the money available and also the time available to enjoy the Pacuare River. Knowing that, the three are distinguished by the following:

Pacuare Rafting Tour 1 days

This tour is for those who want to make the full journey of the commercial part of the Pacuare River and only have 1 day to make the tour. With this tour, you will enjoy the entire section of the river from the Tres Equis entrance until the end of the main section, which is where the Pacuare River meets highway 32 that goes from San José to Limón. With this option you will enjoy the Pacuare River, its rapids and the wild surroundings.

Pacuare Rafting Tour 2 days

The 2 days and 1 night Pacuare Rafting Tour goes through the same sections of the 1-day tour, but splits the section in two. The initial journey on day one begins in Tres Equis and ends 2 hours downstream, where clients disembark at Pacuare River Lodge. We recommend this option for those who not only want to enjoy the entire navigable route of Pacuare, but also want to spend the night in the middle of the jungle, enjoy excellent food and enjoy the stay in this pristine and unique jungle area, where the flora and fauna abounds. The next day, after a night of comfort and adventure in the middle of the jungle, we continue with the second section of the river which ends on Highway 32. This multi-day tour option gives you not only the opportunity to do all the rapids of the river, but additionally you can return to your home knowing that you stayed overnight in a remote jungle lodge in the middle of the most extensive jungle area of Costa Rica.

Rafting Pacuare 3 days and 2 nights

The rafting tour of 3 days and 2 nights is the classic package that we recommend the most. Includes a rafting tour on day 1, which begins at Tres Equis and ends after 2 hours of exciting whitewater rapids in the middle of the jungle at the hotel. After spending the night in a comfortable jungle bungalow, including all the meals and happy hour, the next day will be available for optional activities, such as hiking, visiting the Indigenous Village, horseback riding and many more. You can also spend the day at leisure and simply rest, watch birds, perhaps monkey, Coati Mundis and other species of wildlife. All this without the need of leaving the Lodges terrain. After the second night of lodging and meals, the second rafting section begins, which will end near highway 32, which is where the tour ends. This is considered the Classic Pacuare Rafting Adventure. Not only will you enjoy the exhilaration of all the Pacuare rapids, but will have enough time to enjoy the pristine and raw nature during the day available between both days of rafting.

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Where is the Lodge located ?

The Pacuare River Lodge is located on the banks of the Pacuare River, surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical rainforests