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03 July 2017

Thanks for the amazing trip and delicious food! Steve taught us a lot and your lodge s a wonderful way to connect with the forest while still enjoying some amentities! Thanks – Alex and Carissa, San Diego, CA

02 June 2016

Outstanding setting. Enjoyed the grounds, the rapids, the waterfall, but nothing is better tan the Costa Rican hospitality. Thank you!

30 May 2017

Pura Vida Tica! Amazing, breathless and totally priceless experience!!! With our guides we were treated royally! The rapids were a mezmerizing experience and walking up to the “cataratas” was breathtaking. Highly recommend this trip to anyone out there with the slightest love for nature.

May 2017

I could never imagine a place like this existing. I enjoyed the most wonderful wild life imagined, the care of our guides made our trip safe and smooth. This was a really amazing, extraordinary experience I have ever had. Pura Vida – Nellie, Karaganda Kazakhstan

01 May 2017

Thank you to the guides. They did all of the work getting us here safely… I think they would just say “forward” to give us a break from drowning in the breath taking views. They lugged all our gear and their food up here to the Pacuare River Lodge, and made us fat on three feats. My sincerest thanks to them. Things to do: talk to your guides, explore down to the waterfall a few times, rememeber – look up! In the jungle, that is where the action is, and don´t lick the blue jean frogs. – Patrick, Kristina and Luke, San Diego CA

May 2017

Wow!! When we shwed up here and sat in the wooden chairs overseeing the river, it was beautiful! I sat there and fell asleep. This is the sights and sounds of Costa Rica as God created it to be. Pura Vida – Darren

May 2017

From Colorado to Costa Rica – choices… Amazing Trip! – Mark and Sarah

May 2017

Beautiful slice of Paradise. Thank you for a wonderful experience! – Mike, Lorna and Jason, Mount Albert, Ontario Canada.

15 April 2017

I´ve waited 20 years for ths rafting trip to Costa Rica, and in those 20 years my dreams could have never imagined this Amazing place. Jaw dropping beauty. All of my senses awakened. A most remarkable and awesome experience this has been. Gracias to the guides. Without your kindness and special spirit, I ould have missed the true beauty of Costa Rica. – Daniella, Canmore, Alberta Canada.

15 April 2017

Our first night in Costa Rica, such an amazing start to our trip. The sounds, the views, the birds. Great food. – Naomi and Rhiannon, Caerdydd Amyru

08 April 2017

A wonder of a place. The guides are excellent. – Maite, Spain

07 April 2017

This trip was amazing and I´m so glad we chose the company because it was an amazing trip and if you´re reading this you made the right choice, the food is amazing and you have to eat everything. The river is so cool it has lodges and rapids and that makes it so fun. – The Green Family

07 April 2017

So much fun, the food is amazing! There was a giant tropical storm yesterday, it was so cool! Now the river is flowing so fast! Can´t wait to get going! Pura Vida – Will Green

01 April

Wow! The Pacuare Lodge is the most beautiful spor we´ve ever seen… it is a theater of nature. You can si and watch the surroundings for hours. No wifi, just a much better connection to nature! We have a private tour with our guides and they go out of their way to make us feel comforable. They cook up the most delicious meals and know a lot about birds and trees – they love their job! Rafting the first day was good but we are looking forward to some more serious rapids this day… definitely the highlight of our holiday in Costa Rica so far! – Hans and Lies, Belgium

April 2017

Be Present! Love – Ken, Maeve, Lex, and Kaylie

April 2017

Beautiful night, beautiful people, beautifultime. Love – Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

26 March 2017

We had the most amazing time here at the lodge! The guides took amazing care of us. We had the whole place to ourselves too! This is our first adventure in Costa Rica and I´m not sure anything will measure up! The view, the food and the bungalow overlooking the river beyond exceded my expectations! We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and could not be more pleased to do it here! Pura Vida indeed! SO relaxing! XOXO – the Wilkersons, Greg and Meg, Riverside CA

23 March 2017

Guides, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. Amazing food, wine, and company. Also, great views from the beds!! Muchas gracias – Kelsie, Canada

20 March 2017

We left 3 feet of snow back home… (Gunnison, Colorado) then came to Costa Rica for a truly amazing trip. The wáter and food are amazing here. I am the youngest of three and have seen my family grow together and work as a team. I think this place is my soul mate. – The Hamilton Fam

03 March 2017

Our first vacation together as a couple, and we could not have finished our trip in Costa Rica any better. The view, the air, the atmosphere is just breathtaking. I am so thankful to have visited this place. It will forever live in my heart. I´ve fallen in love with this place, being with the man I love. At 23, I am proud and glad to have gotten this unforgettable experience. I hope to be back again someday! – Marley

03 March 2017

There are many beautiful places in this world. This is truly one of them. I´m grateful to have spent some time here with my wonderful and brave wife Lucy. – Lucy and Howie

01 March 2017

Many thanks to our guides for a wonderful stay at the Pacuare Lodge.

March 2017

Big love and many thanks for the profesional, thoughtful, and pure fun experience. Being hosted by the guides was over the moon excellence. Good luck Costa Rican Super-Guides – Marca, Vancouver Islands BC

March 2017

Much appreciation to Steve and Green frog for terrific hospitality and a fun, safe day 1. Burritos and Cervezas were great with new friends from Colorado. Looking forward to today´s class 3 and 4 rapids and a great day on the river. PURA VIDA to the folks of Costa Rica! – Scott and family, Victoria, BC Canada

March 2017

Thank you, thank you to our guides currently dancing, drinking ine, laughing and enjoying your wonderful company. First time rafting for me and a group of pro´s. Very welcoming – so much energy for us and amazing food and accomodation. So fun.

March 2017

Thank you very much to our guides! You were excellent, with great experience on the wáter and at the lodge. You are great hosts. We had an amazing time. Thanks for answering out millions of questions! – Heather, Canada

March 2017

Absolutely incredible! Our guide could not have taken better care of us. The lodge is beautiful and the rooms are…an experience!! Thank you for an outstanding end to our holiday, we will never forget it! All love, the gayest flight attendents at British Airways. – James and Matt, UK

March 2017

What an amazing journey. Our guides were fantastically knowlegable. Accomodated all our food needs. Hope to see you again – Brandy, Dave, Tai, Moira. Much love

March 2017

With many thanks for keeping a beautiful wild place wild and for welcoming everyone to experience it all. – Brenda and Jessica, Seattle WA

March 2017

Even with all the rain, our time so ar on this rafting trip and in Costa Rica in general has been great. This is our honeymoon and our first trip as Mr. and Mrs. Allen. We got married a week ago today in the snow in McCall, Idaho so the warmth here has been great. All our activities have been in the rain but that is ok! The food and conversations with the guides have made it all better. We are in a hut and it is pretty cool falling alseep and waking up on top of the clouds in the rainforest. I can´t say enough great things about the guides and Green Frog Rafting. I LOVE MY HUSBAND. – Mr. and Mrs. Allen.

22 February 2017

Our trip was nearing to the end, Until we reached the river bend. The cabins perched up on the hill, A peaceful place for us to chill. We meet the morning when the bird calls, And float through magical canyon walls. Water white, river blue, Two amigos talking in the view. Rio Pacuare our favorite ride, with two of our favorite guides! – Elizabeth, Boise Idaho and Devon, San Francisco CA

02 Februrary 2017

Day 1 of our 2 day adventure on the river couldn´t be any better. Our group feels completely comfortable with Steve at the helm and we´re thankful for his good company. The camp is heaven in every aspect. The tropical environment, comfy beds, great food and good company. Add the adrenaline rush of the river – who could ask for more? We´re so lucky to have connected with you. Thanks for all. Keep us safe and sound tomorrow! So exciting, so comfortable, thanks for everything! Looking forward to a fun day in our future. – Denise and Ed, Bruce and Francesa

January 2017

I have to say that this place totally blew me away. I am from Ontario, Canada. It is about -3°C and snowing back home. This place is fantastic. It was my first time rafting and now I´m hooked! It is so peaceful here it feels surreal. Amazing hospitality, slept like a baby, a fan for life. –Cynthia and Daniel, Ontario Canada

30 January 2017

By now I am sure you can tell from everyone else´s testimonial how lovely this place is. I couldn´t imagine a more perfect place to completely unplug and unwind than this isolated cabana paradise here in the jungle. I´ve never gotten better sleep in my life. 10/10 would go rafting with them again. Thanks for a incredible trips guys! – Matt and Melissa, Miami and West Palm Beach FL

8 January 2017

Great trip! So glad we spent the night! The overnight place was amazing. Could hear the river all night! The food was great. Boy do those guides work! River rafting, cooking, cleaning! We had a good time. – Anne

January 2017

Hola from Captain America, this place is a dream. I am from Philidelphia USA. The fish here are bigger than expected, the people are some of the nicest and happiest people I´ve ever met. A++++. Lovin my life. Pura Vida baby – Bary

08 November 2016

I am Justin from California and I am here with a marvellous person of Turrialba, Costa Rica, Baleska. It was an increidble experience rafting the Pacuare River. To sleep inside this place of pure naturaleza in front of the river is like a night on a new planet. The monkeys, tocanes, the stars, the moon, the mountain wind, the flowers. It is all good for our souls. A small coffee on the mountain with the smile of Baleska – this is Pura Vida. Many thanks for everything. I imagine I will return in the future. Pura Vida!

23 October 2016

Came to Costa Rica to celebrate my 50th! Such an amazing experience! They were so welcoming and accomodating. They were our guides and chefs too! The food was awesome and the preparation of our dinner and cabin elegant. What a fun experience! Can´t wait to see the rest of the river today with the class IV´s!! Love Costa Rica! Pura Vida! – Todd and Ann Marie, Palm Beach Gardens FL

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Where is the Lodge located ?

The Pacuare River Lodge is located on the banks of the Pacuare River, surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical rainforests